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Monday, May 21, 2018
By Jeri Ann Photography
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So, I haven't posted in a LONG time! I have been a huge slacker!! And the main reason is because! I'm a mommy now! My two and a half year old keeps me BUSY! And when I say busy, I mean BUSY! The old saying is so true - if I could just have a SMIDGE of that energy. I totally needed it this weekend. After clocking out from my full time job at the hospital, I went home and cleaned my house like a mad woman and got all my gear ready for the events to come. I had 15 mommies and their babies this weekend and last weekend I had ten! There was lots of Mickey Mouse and candy as bribery for smiles, but I think it went off perfectly!! That was this last Saturday - Sunday I was gone for 10 hours shooting a BEAUTIFUL wedding in Aiken, SC - that's to come!! But for now, I wanted to share the end result of my most successful mini sessions to date - yes, they even beat the Christmas mini's I did! Enjoy!

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