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Monday, May 23, 2016
By Jeri Ann Photography
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If you are a mama, you know our precious little loves grow way too fast. In a moment, they change. My son is quickly approaching 7 months old and I thought I just had him yesterday! Over the weekend we found his first tooth cutting through! It just amazes us how quickly he is growing and changing. I think he will soon be a crawler! Documenting is my specialty - I think my son might very well be the most photographed in America! But if you are just as proud of your baby as I am mine, you may feel the same way. I had a few mama's write me recently asking for tips on how to get great pictures of their littles. You don't have to be a professional photographer to capture them! In these photos, we played in my sons room and I photographed him pigging out on some yummy Gerber Mango's! Here are some lighting tips to get great photos!

Inside - Look at babies face and pay attention to the lighting. If you put baby in front of the window you might see their face is a little darker and the light behind them sort of halos puts a halo over their head. Snap a picture. You'll see on your screen that the babies face turned out dark and the light was pretty bright/white. Now turn baby around and you'll see a very soft light on his/her face. Snap that! You will notice a huge difference! Mornings are my most favorite to do these photos as the light is very soft and easy to work with. But if you are documenting during the afternoon, just pay attention to your distance from the light source and the lines on babies face. Snap them from a direction where your light source is softly on their little faces.

Outside - Place baby in the full sun. You may notice lines on his/her face. Snap that photo. Check your screen and you may see he/she squinting with some pretty harsh light across their face. Now go find some shade and place the baby there. Try to put the sun behind them and aimed towards you. Angle your camera down some if the sun is still high (evenings are much easier) and have the baby in as much shade as possible. Check your screen and you will see more details on the babies face, no squinting, nice color and an even skin tone. My favorite time to shoot is just before sunset when everything is nice and shaded. Keep that sun behind your little subjects and BAM - beautiful pictures!

I hope this helps all you mama's out there wanting to document your babies as they grow. Keep your cameras readily available at all times and photograph those love bugs as much as possible! They are ever changing!! Then call me once a year to set up those family photos so YOU can be in the pictures with them!



Wednesday, May 18, 2016
By Jeri Ann Photography
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Sweet Baby Carpenter

Hello world.

I figured i've been doing photography long enough that it's long past time I start a blog! First, I want to thank EVERYONE who has supported this dream of a business I'm lucky enough to call mine for the last 9 YEARS! Holy cow - I can't even believe it!

So here's to my most recent session. I had the honor of photographing this beautiful brand new baby girl! Her parents hired me for their wedding a few years back and I'm just so excited they came back to me when they found out they were going to be having this bundle of lovin'. Mama was not able to come to the session because she was sick. She was so bummed out, so we decided to do a special photo she wouldn't expect....and she said it made her day. So enjoy this beautiful smiley baby! I sure did!