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Please read thoroughly before applying!

What is it? 

It is a program designed for juniors in high school looking for an incredible experience in their senior year with new friends, new confidence and awesome senior portraits! I will spend a year by your side cheering you on and taking lots of fun/creative pictures of you! During the process, I'm hopeful you will gain a great group of friends that you may otherwise not have known. What's in it for me? This program is designed to help me market myself to your classmates without the need for ads or marketing - instead of wasting money on those things, I'll be spoiling YOU and giving YOU opportunities to earn goodies/photos along the way! 

Who is an ideal candidate? 
This part's easy - fun, outgoing juniors in high school who aren't afraid to get in front of the camera & have some fun! The perfect candidates will have a good social media following (the more friends you refer, the more prizes you earn), are creative, good spirited & unafraid of making new friends! I would ideally like to grow my team in January/February & start photographing you in April before your senior year! Because you will be representing my business, it is important that I find the right group of girls to build this working relationship with! 

*Please note - I must be your exclusive photographer your entire senior year to qualify*.

What is included?

* An individual senior session with another senior (sounds confusing - it's not! I like to schedule these sessions with an additional senior so you can cheer each other on - it will be GREAT fun!)

Hair & makeup is required for all senior sessions & is a cost. More on that later. 

* Participation in an exclusive styled shoot with the other team members

* Cap & gown mini session (group + individual)

* High resolution digital images (FREE - no additional cost)
* Print rights (FREE)
* Incentive opportunities based on your referrals (cash, gift cards, etc)

* Gift cards to give your friends that they can ONLY get from you to help them save money too!


What is the process?
1. Submit your application

2. Selected applicants will receive an invitation to schedule an online meeting with me where I will spend some time getting to know you better & seeing if we will be a good fit for one another! This will also be a great opportunity for your parents to ask me any questions they may have! 

3. Photoshoot! This will be your first FREE shoot with me - Once I have narrowed down my list of applicants to those who feel like a good fit, I will reach out to you with a date for your session. I want to see you in front of the camera both in a group & alone. I need to see how you work with others & take direction. 

4. The offer! A selected few will then receive an email or phone call from me with an offer to join my team! THIS IS SPECIAL & something I am REALLY excited about! Consider it an honor because I love my people hard & we are going to have a fun year ahead! 

What are the expectations of me if I am selected?
Congratulations - you have just received an invitation to an exclusive group!

After the offer is made, I will then send you and your parents a contract to sign & pay the membership fee. Don't worry - you will have all year to refer friends & earn your money back in full! This is where you are committing to having me as your exclusive photographer for the year! There is a certain time commitment that I will need from you - date's for shoots will be given in advance - but other than that, you will just share your untouched photos on social media, tag my business and tell your friends all about your experience! Be as creative as you'd like with this part! 

Anything else I should know before applying?
As mentioned above, there will be a small fee to be an exclusive member of my team that you will have plenty of opportunities to earn back! In exchange for my time, travel to locations & work, all I ask you to pay for is a one time $500 + hair and makeup fees for all other sessions - don't worry, I'm working on getting a group discount rate for this. That's it! Everything else is completely free as part of our relationship! This entire program has a value of over $1500. 

If all of this sounds like something you are interested in, please apply! I can't wait to get to know all of you!


Want to join the #JATeam? Apply now!

Thanks for submitting!
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