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Hey, I'm Jeri Ann!


Thank you Karolina Agner for this beautiful photo of my boys

Hey guys!

I'm Jeri Ann & I have owned my photography business since 2007. Although I have photographed many things over the years, I would consider myself a portrait photographer. As stated many times on my website, I love anything that involves creativity! Portraiture is where I'd say I really shine! I love the opportunity to put the thoughts in my head on my screen!

Get to know me:
I have been married to my husband, Corey, since 2011. Together, we have two BEAUTIFUL boys, Sully & Tilian. The three of them are my whole world!
I work a full time job during the week and mostly operate my business on the weekends. In my downtime *haha*, I really enjoy Target runs & pizza nights with my boys! Basically, I'm an old lady at heart :). 

I can't wait to get to know you!! Thank you for considering me for the special moments in your life. I am truly honored!



Tel: 706-993-7221


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