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Please read the following contract in full then fill out the request at the bottom of the page to agree to the terms electronically. 

BOOKING PAYMENT & CANCELLATION POLICY: For all regular sessions, a $100 non-fundable session retainer is required to book and hold the date for your session and serves as a cancellation fee. The remaining balance is due on the session date. The booking retainer MUST be mailed within five (3) days of deciding on a date. If the booking retainer has not been received after one week, the date will re-open at Jeri Ann Photography's discretion. It is the clients sole responsibility to abide by the terms of this contract, therefore Jeri Ann Photography is not responsible for telling the client the date has been re-opened to the public and has the right to book another client for the date.
For group mini sessions - Payment is due in full in order to reserve your spot and is non-refundable for any reason.  If canceled, the client forfeits the session fee. 


PAYMENT: All retainer fees must be paid within three (3) days via money order, certified check, PayPal, Venmo, or cash. If agreed to by Jeri Ann Photography for client to pay by check, checks must first clear and any uncleared check will have an additional charge of $35 to cover bank fees plus whatever balance is due must be paid by cash or money order immediately. Please note, check must clear prior to reserving and booking a session date. Final payment is due on the day of the session, no exceptions. If paying via PayPal, please contact me for information.
For group mini sessions - Payment is due in full to reserve your date. Payment via PayPal can be made to Please select "friends & family" when sending money, otherwise please add $15 to your total. 


CANCELLATION POLICY: For regular sessions, client forfeits their session retainer paid to book the session date which will act as a cancellation fee. If Jeri Ann Photography cannot perform this contract due to fire or other casualty, strike, act of God, or other cause beyond the control of the parties, or due to photographer’s illness or emergency, then the photographer shall return the retainer fee to the client but shall have no further liability with respect to the contract. This limitation on liability shall also apply in the event that photographic materials are damaged in processing, lost through camera or other media malfunction, lost in the mail, or otherwise lost or damaged without fault on the part of the photographer. In the event Jeri Ann Photography fails to perform for any other reason, Jeri Ann Photography shall not be liable for any amount in excess of all monies paid.
For group mini sessions - The session fee will be forfeited by the client if the client cancels their mini session. If Jeri Ann Photography cannot perform due to any of the reasons notated above for regular sessions, she will return all monies paid. If clients are cancelling due to contracting COVID-19, Jeri Ann will supply client with a later date for the session, however it may not be the same theme depending on everything involved/availability of any rented land etc.  


TIME: Please be on time. Client agrees and understands that the start time agreed upon is the time the session begins. If clients are late for any reason, this time is deducted from their session (client loses this time). If clients are more than 20 minutes late, Jeri Ann Photography has the right to leave and the booking retainer will not be refunded. If the client wants to reschedule after the photographer has left, they must pay an additional booking retainer booking fee. If Jeri Ann Photography is late for any reason, the time she is late will be added to the session. If clients decide to leave after 20 minutes, Jeri Ann Photography will either refund the booking retainer or move the date without an additional booking retainer being necessary. There will be an additional charge of $50 per 15 minutes that the session runs over if clients wish to continue photographing. Each additional hour will be subject to package fee's listed on this website. 
For group mini sessions: Mini sessions are booked back to back. For this reason, if the client is late, the time will come out of their session & cannot be honored unless a later client agrees to swap times. If clients are late and miss their mini session, the cancellation policy will be the same in that the client forfeits their session & all monies paid. 


COPYRIGHT: Please make sure to credit "Jeri Ann Photography" when posting images online (social media, blogs, etc). If you submit any images to magazines, websites, etc., the photos must have my logo present and must be credited to "Jeri Ann Photography". Failure to do so is a copyright infringement. If you do not have a logo copy of the photo you are submitting, please ask for one. You are especially not to submit altered files to any of the above. Manipulating or distorting images given to you in any way is strictly prohibited. 

PHOTO MANIPULATION: Upon receipt of your photos, you are not permitted to filter, alter or manipulate the completed files in any way. Doing such is not a true representation of my art. If you choose to further edit your photos, please do not put them on social media nor tag Jeri Ann Beckworth or Jeri Ann Photography. 


WEATHER: (for outdoor sessions)- Weather plays a big role in good pictures. Clear skies are highly suggested as Jeri Ann Photography is a natural light photographer. Too many clouds can make photos look highly contrasted or foggy. Photographer will leave this discretion to the client to either move forward with photographing or rescheduling. If rescheduling due to weather, the booking retainer will move to the new date. If it rains, Jeri Ann Photography reserves the right to cancel the session. If client decides to move forward to photographing on a cloudy day against Jeri Ann Photography's judgement and does not like the outcome of the photos, client may not collect the booking retainer and Jeri Ann Photography has no obligation to repeat the session. A new session fee and retainer must be collected.  
For group mini sessions: In the event that there is bad weather and services cannot be rendered, a new date will be sent out to everyone as a group and sessions will be rescheduled. 


TURNAROUND TIME: 4-6 weeks (6-8 during busy months) so please make sure you book in plenty of advance notice if you are having pictures made for special circumstances! Rush orders can be placed with a turn around of one week or less for an additional $100.


GIVEAWAYS - If you are scheduling a mini session that you have won, I will give you dates/times & the location for the session. If you are unable to meet during the dates/times I have given, you may forfeit your session. If you do not show up for your scheduled session, Jeri Ann Photography reserves the right to refuse the services won. Please note, no compensation is paid to Jeri Ann Photography for any donated sessions. Donated sessions are given in lieu of monetary donations in order to raise funds for certain causes. You will have 3 months to reserve your session. After this time, please understand the sessions will not be honored. Please also bring your certificate that you won to the shoot to be signed and honored. I cannot honor a shoot without this. Thank you for your understanding.

*NOTE* - Photographer works around natural lighting. Outdoor shoots are typically scheduled one hour before sunset or within an hour after sunrise. Indoor shoots are typically done in the morning when lighting is the softest. I do not photograph in harsh light. Please be mindful of this when booking a session.
At this time, giveaway mini sessions cannot be honored during group mini sessions. They must be booked on a separate date unless photographer specifies otherwise. 

Please fill out the below information to enter into the contract. 

Please Type "I agree to the terms" in the message portion to accept the terms of the contract. 

Thanks for submitting!

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